Ferret Nation 181 Single Level Cage

The Ferret Nation 181 single level is a great choice for new ferret owners and long-time ferret lovers alike.

ferret nation 181 single level cage
Ferret Nation 181

MidWest ferret cages are designed specifically with ferrets in mind, so you can rest assured that your beloved furry children will have plenty of room to safely play, frolic, and sleep.

Ideal for one or two ferrets, the Ferret Nation single level cage has several features that put it miles ahead of other ferret cages.

Special Features of the Ferret Nation 181

The Ferret Nation single level cage was designed with feedback from ferret owners playing a central role.

The cabinet-style doors latch securely and allow for easy access when it is play time. Hard plastic trays are very durable and slide in and out with ease, making cleaning a snap.

The spacing of all bars and wire was designed specifically with ferrets in mind, so you never have to worry as you do with cheaper cages about bars being too wide.

The Ferret Nation 181 is also compatible with the Ferret Nation 183 add-on cage, so you can expand to two levels later on with the add-on.

Cleaning a Ferret Nation Cage

No pet owner looks forward to cage cleaning time but MidWest has done everything possible to take as much pain out of the process for Ferret Nation cage owners.

The casters on the bottom of all FN cages make them easy to move from room to room, which is great for spending more quality time with your ferret but also an amazing feature when it is cleaning time.

Many owners roll their Ferret Nations outside to clean them, with the removable pans and shelves and easy access through the cabinet doors making the Ferret Nation 181 one of the easiest cages on the planet to clean.

Best Place to Buy Ferret Nation Cages

Ferret Nation single and double level cages can be hard to find, especially at local stores.

The lowest prices are almost always at online retailers, with Amazon and Wayfair usually battling to offer the best deal on Ferret Nation cages.

Best price at Amazon for the Ferret Nation 181 single level cage: $149.99 + free shipping

Prices change often and each site occasionally offers special deals, so be sure to check both when shopping for a new Ferret Nation cage.