Ferret Nation 183 Add-On Cage

The Ferret Nation 183 add-on cage is exactly that: an extra add-on to turn a Ferret Nation single level cage into a double level or a Ferret Nation double cage into a triple level cage.

ferret nation 183 add-on cage
Ferret NationĀ 183
Competitor’s price: $210
BEST PRICE: $110.10
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The only bad thing about owning a ferret is that it is hard to stop with just one or two. That Ferret Nation 181 was perfect for one or two ferrets but can get crowded when your furry family expands.

That’s where the Ferret Nation add-on cage is perfect. You get the same amazing craftsmanship and design of all Ferret Nation cages from MidWest for a lower price than buying a whole new cage.

Ferret Nation 183 Compatibility

The Ferret Nation add-on unit is only compatible with newer Ferret Nation and Critter Nation models from MidWest, so be sure your current cage will work.

The Ferret Nation 183 will only fit onto Ferret Nation 181 and Ferret Nation 182 models, as well as with the Critter Nation 161.

This add-on cage will not work with older Ferret Nations such as the 141, 142, and 143. Please don’t think you can make it work as the add-on cage is specifically designed just for the newer FN models.

How to Use the Ferret Nation Add-On Cage

The Ferret Nation 183 add-on cage is designed to complement other Ferret Nation cages. It is not designed to be a stand-alone cage.

Avoid the temptation to try to save a little money and buy just the add-on as your first Ferret Nation cage.

The add-on unit does not have casters or the food shelf at the bottom and will have additional openings that will be difficult to block.

Where to Buy the Ferret Nation 183

Just like with the Ferret Nation 181 and Ferret Nation 182, your best best (and lowest prices) will be at online retailers Amazon and Wayfair.

Best price at Amazon for the Ferret Nation 183 add-on cage: $110.10 + free shipping

Always check for the best current pricing and pay close attention to shipping costs, as Ferret Nation cages from MidWest are heavy and shipping can add an extra $30-$40 to the final price.