Ferret Nation Cage Accessories

For years Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cage owners had to get crafty and make their ramp and tray covers if they wanted to add a little extra comfort to the cages.

ferret nation cage accessories
Ferret Nation Accessories
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Those days are now over as MidWest now provides a Ferret Nation cage accessories for both line of cages that includes fleece shelf covers, tray covers, and ramp covers.

The durable fleece is machine washable and designed for an exact fit with all Ferret Nation trays, ramps, and shelves.

That means no more dangerous bunching of excess material or struggling to get homemade covers to fit.

Ferret Nation Cage Accessories Item List

Every Ferret Nation accessory kit comes with the following items:

  • 2 shelf covers
  • 1 pan cover for the large bottom pan
  • 1 pan cover for the top pan
  • 1 ramp cover

MidWest thoroughly tests all its designs and that’s true of the fleece covers for the accessory kit, as they have just enough room to easily remove but also provide a very snug fit.

Buying Multiple Cage Accessory Kits

It is highly recommended by most Ferret Nation cage owners that you buy at least two of the Ferret nation cage accessories kits.

Having two sets of everything makes it easy at cleaning time to swap out a clean set. Otherwise you’ll have to wait to put your Ferret Nation back together while your fleece covers wash and dry.

There will also be some inevitable chewing over time on the covers as any ferret owner knows.

Having an extra set of cage accessories on hand means you’ll always have comfy, safe covers in place for your beloved furry children as they sleep and play in style.

Where to Buy Ferret Nation Cage Accessories

We’ve found that Amazon consistently has the best pricing for cage accessory kits, well below what you’ll find locally or at other online sites.

Best price for Ferret Nation Cage Accessories:  $35.65 at Amazon with $4.99 shipping.