Ferret Nation Double Level 142

(Note: Below is our original review for the Ferret Nation 142 model. The new Ferret Nation double level model sold at retailers is the Ferret Nation 182, which replaces older models such as the FN 142.)

The Ferret Nation double cage is the gold standard for ferret cages, praised and loved by ferret owners around the world.

ferret nation 182 cage
Ferret Nation 182
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The cage was designed from the ground up with the special needs and wants of ferret owners in mind, with every feature designed to make it the most enjoyable home for your ferrets and the easiest ferret cage to maintain for owners.

Like all Midwest cages, the Ferret Nation 142 is amazingly easy to clean. Both sets of double doors open to provide access to what would usually be hard to reach corners.

There’s no need to unlatch and lift off the top half of the cage, as with traditional ferret cages. Simply open the doors, slide out the plastic trays, and clean and wipe down as necessary.

You’ll easily save 10-15 minutes per cleaning, so Ferret Nation cages quickly pay for themselves in just a month or two.

Plus the less time you spend cleaning your ferret’s cage the more time you can enjoy playing and spending quality time with your furry ferret kids.

Key Features of the Ferret Nation 142

If you need to separate your ferrets, the ramp between the second and third level can be raised and latched shut, providing for two separate living and play areas with plenty of room for each.

This design feature by MidWest also enables you to add an additional third unit if you’d like on top of the Ferret Nation double, giving you a three-story ferret palace fit for a ferret king!

Get your Ferret Nation double today and in just a matter of days your beloved ferrets will be relaxing and playing in what’s quite simply the best ferret cage on the market today, with loads of run for play and exercise and tons of great features such as easy cleaning that make the lives of ferret owners much, much easier!

Where to Buy Ferret Nation Cages

Despite their popularity it is still hard to find Ferret Nation cages (either the single or double models) at local pet stores and retailers.

Amazon often offers the best prices and fastest shipping on ferret cages but be sure to check and compare prices.

Best price at Amazon for the Ferret Nation 182 double level cage$299.99 + free shipping

Don’t just look at the bottom-line price as shipping can be expensive and some online retailers offer free shipping while others do not.