Ferret Nation Cage Comparison Guide

A Ferret Nation cage is an amazing thing but it can be difficult for first-time buyers to pick between all the different options.

ferret nation cage comparison guide
Ferret NationĀ 182
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The fact that MidWest has updated the entire Ferret Nation line with new models — the Ferret Nation 181, 182, and 183 — also makes it difficult.

Reviews and experiences with the older FN cage models (141, 142, and 143) may be slightly different than with the newer models now sold by retailers and online sites.

The newer models have several big improvements and it’s great to see that MidWest is committed to making the Ferret Nation cage line as amazing as it can possibly be.

It just can be bewildering at first glance for those new to the cages who are trying to make sure they’re picking the right cage for their adorable ferret kids.

The good news is that we’e broken down all the Ferret Nation cages out there in our guide below, starting with the new models and working back to the older models.

Ferret Nation Cage Guide


ferret nation cages

Ferret Nation 181

Ferret Nation 181 Single Level Cage

Most ferret owners start with the Ferret Nation 181, which is the current single level model sold at most retailers.

This Ferret Nation cage is perfect for one or two ferrets and is just about 3′ x 3′ (measuring from the top to the casters on the bottom), 25″ deep, and weighs 56 pounds.

It comes with a fleece ramp cover and can be assembled with just a screwdriver and a hammer and typically sells online for about $140-$150 including shipping.



ferret nation 182 cage

Ferret Nation 182

Ferret Nation 182 Double Level Cage

The Ferret Nation 182 is the double level cage from MidWest that comfortably holds 3-4 ferrets.

It comes with three fleece ramp covers and measures about 64″ from top to the casters on the bottom. This cage is about 3′ wide, 25″ deep, and weighs 93 pounds.

The Ferret Nation double level cage generally sells for a total of about $260-$280 online, with shipping included.



ferret nation 183 add-on cage

Ferret Nation 183

Ferret Nation 183 Add-On Cage

The Ferret Nation 183 add-on unit sits on top of 182 and 183 models and is used to extend those cages without requiring the purchase of a new cage.

It includes a ramp cover and is about 2′ tall by 3′ wide, with the same 25″ depth to match the other Ferret Nation cage models. It weighs about 41 pounds.

The FN 183 sells for about $110-$120 online and can only be used with the FN 181 and FN 182 models. It can’t be used with the FN 141 and FN 142 models discussed below.


Ferret Nation 141: The Ferret Nation 141 was the original single level Ferret Nation cage. It is no longer sold new but can be found used.

As far as comparing the FN 141 with the newer FN 181 model, they’re very similar and the dimensions and basic features are identical. The FN 141 relied on screws during assembly while the FN 181 uses a slotting peg system.

The FN 181 also has some redesigned shelves that are slightly safer and the 181 ships with fleece ramp covers, which the 141 lacked.

Ferret Nation 142: The Ferret Nation 142 was the original double level Ferret Nation cage.

The differences between the original model and the newer Ferret Nation 182 are the same as with the single level ferret cage — a new assembly method and slightly different shelves, along with fleece ramps coming with every FN 182.

Ferret Nation 143: The Ferret Nation 143 was the add-on unit for the older Ferret Nation cage line.

It can be used with the FN 141 and FN 141 but it can’t be used with the newer FN 181 and FN 182 ferret cage models, as the assembly design for the new models won’t work with the older design the FN 143 used.